Integral level

Grade specification

There are three levels of

  1. gold member * (Requires 1-5000 points)
  2. Diamond member * (Requires 5000-20000 points)
  3. Star Shine Super VIP * (More than 20,000 points are required)

gold member

Gold Card members can enjoy points redemption coupons, which can be used directly on the checkout page. No conditions

Diamond member

Diamond members can enjoy free redemption coupons, unconditional use of any goods at checkout, free birthday of any dress, the first notification of new styles, etc

Star Shine Super VIP

Star Shine Super VIP available, new pre-order. Exclusive dress can be customized (once), senior clothing designer free adjustment 3 times. 10000 bonus points on birthday, unconditional use. 5% off all products (except discount items).